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Not Quite Spring Thaw Specials
A curated selection of bargains and gems since winter’s keeping us off the water and covid cancelled the boat show.
by Cooper, Bill & Laurel Cooper
5th ed. This has become the bible for those cruising as a way of life--whether short- or long-term. Both inspirational and practical, it asks all the right questions and provides answers from first-hand experience. This edition has been updated and revised to include far-reaching changes in navigation, electronics and communications, and more.
352 Pages • softcover • 2005
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by Mosenthal, Basil
6th ed. A good introduction for anyone seeking to learn the basics of navigation. Covers the essentials of reading a chart, understanding tides, using navigation instruments, plotting a position, and planning a passage.

80 Pages • softcover • 2013
$18.00  Save 72%  $5.00
What Was I Thinking? Adventures of a Woman Sailing Solo
by Bendall, Pamela
Once a high-end stockbroker, Bendall chucked her opulent lifestyle for a simpler, self-sufficient dream: the (mostly) single-handed sailing life. Her inspiring story features entertaining anecdotes, challenges faced, heartwarming successes, and just plain adventure onboard her 46-foot cutter "Precious Metal".
214 Pages • softcover • 2014
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by Buzzeo, Tony & Tom Froese
This nonfiction ode to boats features six kinds of workers and their boats--a patrol boat, a tugboat, a car ferry, a lobster boat, a lifeboat, and a fireboat--with important parts properly labeled. The answer to each inquiring refrain lies under a gatefold, engaging the reader in an informative guessing game. With lyrical (and factual!) text by New York Times bestselling author Toni Buzzeo, and the stylized art of Tom Froese, this sturdy board book is perfect for curious and playful young readers. Ages 4 and under.
16 Pages • hardcover • 2018
$13.99  Save 64%  $5.00
by Lenski, Lois
Mr. Small is a sailor in this maritime adventure. Captain Small and his dog, Tinker, sail and fish together. When a storm comes Captain Small heads for the safety of shore. A comforting, nostalgic story full of information about sailing. Board book. Ages 0 to 3.
56 Pages • hardcover • 2018
$10.99  Save 55%  $5.00
by Mosenthal, Basil
The ideal guide for new sailors. It is also valuable as a backup to sailing courses and useful as a refresher course on the basics. Expert instruction on topics that range from the various parts of a boat to advanced knots, reading charts and navigation.
80 Pages • softcover • 2011
$18.00  Save 72%  $5.00
Yacht Owner’s Manual: Everything You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Your Ya
by Du Port, Andy
An essential guide for any yacht owner--current or potential. Du Port is comprehensive in his discussion of the choices you need to make before and after you buy, for your own safety, security, and enjoyment. His advice is attractively enhanced with photos, diagrams, and sidebars with focussed, specific advice.
160 Pages • softcover • 2015
$35.99  Save 86%  $5.00
Detailed manual on how to improve all aspects of a yacht or motorboat, includeing many projects that will iprove a boat's safety, comfort, faciities, storage, performance on the water, and value. Projects include installing heating systems, water systems, air conditioning, better ventilation, solar or wind-power chargers, interior lighting, adding a bathing platform and much more.
304 Pages • hardcover • 2015
$52.95  Save 91%  $5.00
Dinghy Bible: The Complete Guide to Dinghy Sailing
by Holmes, Rupert & Jeremy Evans
A complete, user-friendly, hands-on manual packed with step-by-step diagrams, action photos, and practical advice about all aspects of dinghy sailing. Ideal for both beginner and advanced sailors, it covers getting started, rigging and launching your boat, safety skills, navigation and weather, and more.
192 Pages • hardcover • 2014
$42.95  Save 88%  $5.00
by Ujifusa, Steven
In the days of sail, a handful of cutthroat competitors raced to build the fastest, finest, most profitable clipper ships, spurred on by the lure of profit-these vessels carried tea, silk, and porcelain (funded by profits from opium) between China and America. Ujifusa brings alive the visionary eccentric shipbuilders, the debonair captains, and the socially-ambitious merchants--men whose domains included the cloistered confines of China's expatriate communities, the sin-city decadence of Gold Rush-era San Francisco, the hubbub of East Boston's shipyards and the gentility of lavish Hudson Valley estates.
448 Pages • softcover • 2019
$24.99  Save 80%  $5.00
by Mystic Seaport Collection
A selection of photos from the Morris Rosenfield collection at Mystic Seaport Museum. 35.5 x 28 cm (14 x 11 in.).
$22.95  Save 78%  $5.00