Firefly Planisphere: Latitude 42 Degrees North

by Scagell, Robin & Wil Tirion

CAD $19.95

6th ed. An affordable, practical tool for accurately locating night sky phenomena in the Northern Hemisphere at any time of the year, now updated to include planetary tables up to and including 2028. Charted by the month, day, hour and minute, it gives quick help on locating celestial wonders such as: planets, stars, constellations, globular clusters, nebulae, galaxies. An easy-to-read instructional guide describes how to use the planisphere. Both the planisphere and the guide are packaged in a protective plastic envelope.

ISBN 10: 0228101271
ISBN 13: 9780228101277
Illustration: illus.
Pages: 24
Published: 2018
Format: softcover
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