by Palin, Michael

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Famous as a traveller, writer, and comedian, former Python Michael Palin brings his eye for detail and his storytelling skills to two important and chilly expeditions made by the Royal Navy’s HMS Erebus–to opposite ends of the globe–before the ship’s loss in 1848 on John Franklin’s final voyage.

ISBN 10: 0735274290
ISBN 13: 9780735274297
Pages: 352
Published: 2018
Format: softcover
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1 review for Erebus

  1. Peter Ladouceur

    This book is hard to put down once you start it. While the name will catch the eye of some people as one of two ships that met with disaster while trying to find the fabled Northwest passage (and were recently discovered) , most Canadians may not know about the great success this vessel and its mate, Terror, had exploring the Antarctic over a four year period under a different captain. As this earlier trip made it home to England, much of its literary history was retained, like ships logs, personal letters home and the like, making for a very complete rendition of their voyages. The journey South takes up about two thirds of the book. The voyage North is a much different story, more like a detective novel, where investigators are trying to piece together clues about what happened and must rely on earlier letters sent home before the ships were lost, verbal history from Inuit people, artifacts and, in some cases, corpses, to get a sense of what likely occurred. It is a much sadder tale. The book is well written and easily read, just hard to put down. I particularly enjoyed reading it as I myself have been learning the principles of offshore navigation, including the use of celestial bodies to establish fixes and positions and have perhaps a slightly better appreciation for what earlier explorers may have faced while journeying into the unknown. If you know someone who likes history, or boats, or detective stories, they will enjoy this read. One recommendation, use the chart towards the end of the book to help orient yourself in earlier chapters as it contains a lot more place names that the author makes references to.

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