Gitana: One Hundred and Forty Years of High Performance Yachting

by Poirier, Diane Elisabeth

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The Rothschild family’s fleet of racing yachts have all been named Gitana. Their history begins on the shores of Lake Geneva, in 1876, with the christening of the first Gitana, a schooner, and traces the line of beautiful vessels to today’s Baron Benjamin de Rothschild and his Gitana Team, who participate in major international races. The tale interweaves technological innovation with a family’s passion for excellence, aesthetics, and performance. Gorgeous archival photographs, drawings, plans, and first-person accounts of yacht races bring the Rothschilds’ quest for distinction to life.

ISBN 10: 1419722808
ISBN 13: 9781419722806
Pages: 240
Published: 2016
Format: hardcover
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