Around the World in a Dugout Canoe

by MacFarlane, John & Lynn J. Salmon

CAD $32.95

This is the first independent account of the remarkable voyage of John Voss, who circumnavigated the globe in Tilikum, an authentic dugout cedar canoe, in the early 20th century. With hopes of winning fame and wealth, Voss set out 1901 from Victoria, BC, taking more than 36 months to achieve his goal. He later produced a book that was apparently compromised by poor memory, brazen ego, and untruths. To set the story straight, marine historians Macfarlane and Salmon sifted fact from fiction, comparing the claims in Voss’ manuscripts with research from libraries, archives, museums, and other primary sources. Theirs is a fair account that nevertheless gives full due to the bravery, sheer luck, and tragedy of the voyage.

ISBN 10: 1550178792
ISBN 13: 9781550178791
Pages: 256
Published: 2019
Format: hardcover
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