Seafurrers: The Ships’ Cats Who Lapped and Mapped the World

by Sandall, Philippa

CAD $19.95

Here’s an unusual take: a cat’s-eye view of maritime history. Narrator and able sea-cat Bart sets the record straight, bringing the news about just how indespensible cats have been at sea. Among the 38 true tales told here are the adventures of Trim (who circumnavigated Australia), Tom (the sole feline to survive the sinking of the USS Maine), and celebrity cat Simon (a veteran of the Yangtze Incident). Brimming with nautical trivia, rare photographs, and whimsical illustrations, this book will inform and delight.

ISBN 10: 1615194371
ISBN 13: 9781615194377
Illustration: illus.
Pages: 246
Published: 2018
Format: hardcover
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