1545: Who Sank the Mary Rose?

by Marsden, Peter

CAD $56.95

This first full account of the battle that sank Henry VIII’s famous warship features the perspectives of both the English and French admirals. Marsden, a leading Mary Rose expert, explores the ship’s design, construction and deployment, going even deeper than his earlier history for the Mary Rose Trust. He also proves theories about the French fleet’s arrival at the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth, what the bodies found in the wreck indicate, and the consequences of adding an extra deck to the ship. Finally, Marsden makes clear who was responsible for the Mary Rose’s loss and describes what happened onboard, deck by deck, in its last moments afloat.

ISBN 10: 1526749351
ISBN 13: 9781526749352
Pages: 304
Published: 2019
Format: hardcover
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