Heat Transfer Principles and Applications

by Forsberg, Charles H.

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The text covers both analytical and numerical solutions to heat transfer problems, and makes considerable use of Excel and MATLAB in the solutions. Each chapter has several example problems and a large, but not overwhelming, number of end-of-chapter problems. A special feature of the text is a chapter devoted to realistic problems involving more than one mode of heat transfer. Students must determine the relevant modes of heat transfer (conduction, convection, and/or radiation) and, using the earlier chapters, must determine the appropriate solution technique. For example, they must decide whether the problem is steady state or transient, must determine the applicable convection coefficient and material properties, and must decide which solution approach (e. g., analytical or numerical) is most appropriate. After making these decisions, they then proceed to the problem solution.

ISBN 10: 0128022965
ISBN 13: 9780128022962
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Pages: 610
Published: 2020
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