PORTS Cruising Guide: Georgian Bay, North Channel, Lake Huron

by Canadian Yachting Media

CAD $64.95

This indispensable guide to the Canadian waters of Lake Huron, the North Channel, and Georgian Bay, has been completely updated. There is new aerial and boating photography as well as updated editorial by leading industry writers. This new edition features a new Android/Apple mobile app free with every print purchase. Upon purchase, the customer will be able to download the PORTS mobile app digital version of PORTS Georgian Bay onto a device of their choice.

ISBN 10: 177703180X
ISBN 13: 9781777031800
Illustration: photos & illus.
Published: 2020
Format: spiral
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1 review for PORTS Cruising Guide: Georgian Bay, North Channel, Lake Huron

  1. Bruce Conron

    Besides being able to have this guide accessible as an app on your mobile device and receiving content amendments as a registered user (with the access code provided on an inserted card), there are many things to like about the 2020 edition. Most of the thoughtful “cruising tips” are retained from the last edition (2014) plus a new one on the caveat about drinking on board. The significant rise of Lake Huron’s water level well above chart datum in the last six years is addressed early on. The variety of day-by-day trip plans, port maps, the six thumb- tabbed divisions for ports and cruising directions, ubiquitous GPS waypoints, and former research writer Gabrielle Lotimer’s wonderfully witty 3-page “Gunkholing Secrets” are still there. The most remarkable change (an improvement) to notice is in the hundreds of full colour and annotated aerial photos, what makes the PORTS guide a must-have aboard. The majority of them are new, particularly those of the Georgian Bay port approaches and 30.000 island passages. The shot angles are more revealing, the perspectives are usually broader, the shorelines better defined because the color tone of the water appears much more gun metal (lighter) than the darker indigo blue characteristic in the 2014 collection. Comparing these photos from 2013 and 2019 you witness the effect that levels more than one metre above chart datum can have along the shore. After a once-over between the last edition and this, I found very little to criticize in the work of the new editors at Canadian Yachting Media.

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