The Ship Valuer’s Handbook WS1743K

by Imarest

CAD $185.00

This book outlines the role of a ship valuer and highlights the importance of the criteria of assignment, which is the underlying foundation of all valuations. Among other things, it protects the valuer against improper use of their valuation and against legal action in disputes over the ship?s value. The handbook also discusses each stage of the valuation process, explaining the principles of valuing ships, types of valuation and the terminology used, research and data collection, conducting the valuation and producing the certificate of valuation and the valuation report.

Valuing requires years of practical experience, but it is hoped that this publication will support valuers with useful advice and information.

ISBN 10: 1856098990
ISBN 13: 9781856098991
Pages: 102
Published: 2020
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