Radar Log Book

by Brown Son

CAD $59.95

Consists of two parts: Log of Operations and Log of Targets. Each part contains 25 lined double-pages where the particulars specified at the top of the vertical columns can be written down by the officer who is in charge of maintenance or the navigator who actually is observing the radar display. The columns of the Log of Operations have the following printed headings: Date/ No Voyage/Type of Radar in Use/Periods of Use/ Location/Use for Navigation and/or Collision/Readings of Performance Monitors or Testmeters/Particulars of Unsatisfactory Performance/Repairs and/or Modifications/Remarks (Type of Weather, Ship Vibrations etc). The Log of Targets contains columns for the following particulars: Date/Location/ X- or S- Band/Weather Conditions (Rain, Snow, Hail, Sand, Dust Echoes, Sea State and Clutter)/Atmospheric Conditions (Normal, Super- and Sub-Refraction)/Detection Range/identification Range/Radar Use as an Aid to Collision Avoidance and Navigation (Landfall, Coastal, Pilotage)/ARPA Performance (Acquisition and Tracking, Target Swop, Computer Saturation)/Remarks.

The book has a large format (approximately 305 x 229mm)

ISBN 10: 0851746144
ISBN 13: 9780851746142
Illustration: photos & illus.
Published: 2009
Format: hardcover
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