Deck Officers and Masters Guide: Vol. 2 Navigation, Manoeuvring, Watchkeeping

by Weinberg, Richard V.

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This STCW compliant handbook deals with the basic navigation techniques in order to set out the fundamentals of what is required for a comprehensive mastery of all aspects related to ships under the strict deck-related point of view. The end product is suitable for seafarers from the deck department but also for all those interested in navigation and ocean sciences in general. Well-organized with many colour illustrations.

The IMO system is outlined as a first element of the book, and frequent references to the relevant IMO conventions, codes and resolutions are provided in order to allow the reader to easily find the proper legislative requirements wherever more in-depth knowledge of specific topics is required.

Unit 1 – Geodesy basics, nautical charts and publications

Unit 2 – Bridge equipment

Unit 3 – Coastal and celestial navigation

Unit 4 – Meteorology and oceanography

Unit 5 – Passage planning and manoeuvring

Unit 6 – Watchkeeping

ISBN 10: 8557533896
ISBN 13: 9798557533898
Pages: 407
Published: 2020
Format: softcover
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