The Whales of Lake Erie

by Kemp, Bruce

CAD $19.95

In 2000, journalist Bruce Kemp boarded a freighter in Duluth, Minnesota, to begin a voyage that would carry him from the heart of North America to the edge of the continent and back again. He sailed on the Canadian Leader, the last Canadian fore/aft’er built at the Collingwood shipyard. Yet more than just the ship intrigued the writer. He joined a family of sailors, part of a traditional industrial culture – unfamiliar even to most people who live near the fresh water seas – that of the Great Lakes Sailor. The Whales of Lake Erie is an often funny book, but detailed enough to satisfy the most ardent ship-spotter by taking the reader on a voyage most will never get the chance to undertake.

ISBN 10: 0973788577
ISBN 13: 9780973788570
Pages: 96
Published: 2021
Format: softcover
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