The PS Royal William: The First True Transatlantic Steamer

by Marcil, Ellen Reid

CAD $29.95

World trade was revolutionized in the 19th Century when ships went from sail to steam. When did the first steamship cross the Atlantic? Who built it? Where? Several ships have claimed that title, but the true answer lies in Canada where steamboats were plying the rivers and lakes since the 19th century. The Paddle Steamer Royal William, built at the Campbell and Black shipyard in the Port of Quebec, steamed across the Atlantic from Pictou, Nova Scotia, to Portsmouth, England in 1833. That was the first transatlantic crossing under steam. Ships from the US and Holland have challenged her right to the title. This book shows that the PS Royal William&;s claim is valid.

ISBN 10: 1771862297
ISBN 13: 9781771862295
Pages: 160
Published: 2020
Format: softcover
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