Origami Metal Boatbuilding–A Heretic’s Guide

by Swain, Brent

(3 customer reviews)

CAD $38.95

A builder’s description of how to build a frameless steel plate yacht hull which is strong and seaworthy. Swain also details what a you need in the way of workplace and equipment to successfully complete the project.

Illustration: illus.
Pages: 113
Published: 1994
Format: softcover
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3 reviews for Origami Metal Boatbuilding–A Heretic’s Guide

  1. R. Hill.

    An awesome book!! Lots of boat building and money saving ideas. Full of practical sailing & cruising tips too. My best boating book by FAR!!

  2. Paul Schweikert

    This is a very useful and unique book. It is practical in the extreme. Very useful for a sailor fitting out, modifying or building. I’ve worked with boats for a long time and still learned many things from Brent.

  3. Aaron

    Impressive way to build and fit out a steel boat!

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