American Classic: Yachts and Ships of Jack Hargrave

by Mower, Marylin

CAD $97.95

Naval architect Jack Hargrave revolutionized the boating industry in 1959 with the world’s first fiberglass convertible sprortfisherman, followed by the first all-aluminum luxury yacht. In just 38 years, Hargrave and his team drew the lines that launched some 7,000 yachts and ships. Hargreave’s talent allowed him to conceive vessels as dissimilar as a 19-foot runabout, offshore racing boats, stern wheelers, thousands of elegant yachts, and even a 691-foot integrated tug-barge. This handsome book tells his story, and contains 334 photos and illustrations and 75 yacht design profiles.

ISBN 10: 974259209
ISBN 13: 9780974259208
Illustration: photos & illus.
Pages: 209
Published: 2005
Format: hardcover
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