Around Cape Horn DVD

by Johnson, Capt. Irving

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CAD $44.95

An extraordinary video photographed in 1929 and narrated in 1980 by Captain Irving Johnson. As the last great days of commercial sail were passing, Captain Johnson sailed aboard the massive barque "Peking", in a voyage that rounded Cape Horn during a wild storm. An incredible first hand look at the voyage and life aboard the vessels of those days. DVD 37 min.

Published: 2004
Format: DVD
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2 reviews for Around Cape Horn DVD

  1. Jay

    Damn good yarn. They don’t sail like this any more!!!!

  2. Capt. Michael Rodaway

    I’ve worked on many other types of ships of all sizes over the last 27 years. I’ve seen this great film at least 40 times in that period and never tire of it. This is the real deal! Highly recommended if you’re interested in the history of old windjammers or in the era when people weren’t soft and coddled by a protective over regulated safety-net society. As Capt. Irving Johnson says in the film “Safety, what’s that? It would be stupid to let go”

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