The Letter of Marque #12

by O'Brian, Patrick

CAD $19.95

Jank Aubrey, post-captain of experience and capacity, has been struck off the Navy List for a crime he has not committed. With Aubrey is his friend and ship’s surgeon Stephen Maturin, who is also an unofficial British intelligence agent. Maturin has bought for Aubrey his old ship the “Surprise” so that the misery of ejection from the service can be palliated by the command of what Aubrey calls ‘a private man-of-war’ – a letter of marque, a privateer. Together they sail on a voyage which, if successful, might restore Aubrey to the rank, and the raison d’etre, whose loss he so much regrets.

ISBN 10: 6499279
ISBN 13: 9780006499275
Pages: 302
Published: 1988
Format: softcover
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