Rescue at the Top of the World

by Shallow, Shawn

CAD $10.95

Winter came early to the Arctic in 1897. As a result, virtually the entire North American whaling fleet was trapped, strading 340 men to die of starvation and exposure. A team volunteered to trek over 1,500 miles of Arctic winter planning to drive a herd of reindeer to feed the stranded group. Unaware that a rescue team was on the way, the shipwrecked men endured freezing temperatures, malnutrition, and scurvy before falling into general lawlessness. Their struggles, and those of their rescuers are recreated from contemporary journals to tell one of the century’s greatest maritime disaster/rescue stories.

ISBN 10: 093983765X
ISBN 13: 9780939837656
Pages: 291
Published: 2005
Format: softcover
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