Battle of the Atlantic

by Milner, Marc

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WWII was only a few hours old when the Battle of the Atlantic, the longest campaign of the war and the most complex submarine war in history, began with the sinking of the unarmed passenger liner “Athenia” by the German submarine U30. Based on the mastery of the latest research and written from a mid-Atlantic—rather than the traditional Anglocentric—perspective, Milner focuses on the confrontation between opposing forces and the attacks on Allied shipping that lay at the heart of the six-year struggle. Against the backdrop of the battle for the Atlantic lifeline he charts the fascinating development of U-boats and the techniques used by the Allies to suppress and destroy these stealth weapons.

ISBN 10: 0752461877
ISBN 13: 9780752461878
Illustration: photos
Pages: 256
Published: 2011
Format: softcover
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