An Embarrassment of Mangoes

by Vanderhoof, Ann

CAD $21.00

Exchanging business clothes for bare feet, Ann and her husband, Steve Manley, said goodbye to the Toronto rat race and sailed off on their Tartan 42, "Receta" ("recipe" in Spanish), bound for the Caribbean. Ann’s descriptions of the sun-drenched landscapes, her encounters with enchanting characters, and her memories of the mouthwatering tastes of their new lifestyle make it easy to imagine that you are cruising along with them. And by providing some of the best recipes-from Bahamian cracked conch to Dominican papaya salsa and classic West Indian Rum Punch-Ann invites you to experience at least part of the dream for real.

ISBN 10: 0385659555
ISBN 13: 9780385659550
Pages: 320
Published: 2005
Format: softcover
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