Ship Stability Mates/Masters

by Rhodes, Martin

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First edition in colour. Based on the syllabus for Ship Stability for the STCW 95 Chief?Mate/Master this study manual for deck officers includes the following chapters: Basic Principles, Form Coefficients, Tonnes Per Centimetre Immersion, Introduction to Load Lines, Centre of Gravity (G) and Centre of Buoyancy (B), and Introduction to Transverse Statical Stability, Conditions of Stability, Initial Transverse Metacentre, Free Surface Effect, Curves of Statical Stability, List, Introduction to Trim, Suspeneded Weights, Assession Compliance of a Ship’s Loaded Condition with IMO Criteria, Curves of Statical Stability, The Wall Sided Formula, Factors Affecting G2 Curve Shape, The International Grain Code, Inclining Experiment, Trim Using Hydrostatic Data, Dry Docking, Bilging, Angle of Heel dur to Turning, Wind Ice and Rolling Effects, Stability Problems Associated with Specific Ship Types, Calculation and Assignment of Freeboard, Shear Forces and Bending Moments in Ships, and Practical Ship Loading Problems.

Includes Stability booklet for MV Almar (inside back cover).

ISBN 10: 0953437930
ISBN 13: 9780953437931
Illustration: illus.
Pages: 560
Published: 2012
Format: softcover
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2 reviews for Ship Stability Mates/Masters

  1. Ross Wilson

    Based on the syllabus for Ship Stability for the STCW 95 Chief Mate/Master Reg II/2 (Unlimited) widely used as a study text.

  2. James Lowe

    This is an up to date text. Explanations are good, but the stability data supplied does not contain any Conditions that can be used to work out problems typical to the operation of a vessel. For example we may be told that MV ” Almar ” is in condition 3 departure and 300 tonnes of cargo are loaded just abaft of number 4 hatch. What is the GM departure and what are the new drafts fore and aft ? The stability data provide to a vessel is required to have this type of information and also have trim tables and correction to the displacement for trim.

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