Havoc’s Sword: An Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure

Havoc’s Sword: An Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure

by Lambdin, Dewey

CAD $20.50

Lewrie is given the task of hounding his longtime nemesis, the brutal and cunning French commander Guillaume Choudas. Choudas has been sent to disrupt the peace on the French Caribbean island of Hispaniola, where Toussaint L’Ouverture holds the reins of power after a slave rebellion in 1791. The British are planning to back L’Ouverture’s rival-in-arms, General Rigaud, against the rebellion’s leader. Though opposed to the plan, Lewrie is under orders to support it. After harassing the French on his own, and killing one of Choudas’s best captains, Lewrie covertly teams up with the newly minted American navy and lures the French Caribbean fleet into a trap.

ISBN 10: 312315481
ISBN 13: 9780312315481
Pages: 384
Published: 2004
Format: softcover
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