Beyond Endurance: 300 Boats, 600 Miles, and One Perfect Storm

by Mayers, Adam

CAD $19.99

The competitors in the August 1979 Fastnet race were hit by a storm that blew Force 10 (55 knots), killing 15 men, and wrecking five boats (another 15 were abandoned). One-hundred and thirty-six people had to be rescued in life-threatening conditions. Among the survivors were twenty-six men from Canada and the United States, whom the author has interviewed extensively. This is the story of the terrible seas, the struggles to stay alive, and the heroic rescues during what remains the worst tragedy to befall an ocean-sailing race.

ISBN 10: 771057032
ISBN 13: 9780771057038
Pages: 264
Published: 2008
Format: softcover
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