Storm Tactics Handbook

by Pardey, Lin & Larry Pardey

CAD $36.95

3rd ed. With clear and concise diagrams, the Pardeys show how heaving-to works and how even the most modern of yachts can be made to heave-to, whether with only sail power or with the assistance of a sea anchor. With insights gained from recent voyages, the Pardeys have fully revised and expanded this text by more than 40 percent, including nine completely new chapters. New material includes:?lessons from Cape Horn, an interview with the late Sir Peter Blake on storm survival and heaving-to,?heaving-to using a Galerider on 55-foot "Morgan?s Cloud" and adding rudder protection stops.

ISBN 10: 1929214472
ISBN 13: 9781929214471
Illustration: photos & illus.
Pages: 256
Published: 2008
Format: softcover
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