Ship Vetting and its Application to LNG: Essential Best Practices BP103242


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2nd ed.This book details the lessons learned from established ship vetting practices in the oil industry and shows how they can be incorporated into LNG shipping. Inspections and vetting carried out by charterers, buyers, terminal operators and sellers has been an integral part of ship operations in both oil tankers and LPG carrier operations for more than 25 years and has improved the operating standards. As LNG ships have tended to operate under long-term contractual arrangements they have not been exposed to vetting. Recent changes in trading patterns have resulted in short-term freight contracts, involving vessels trading to new ports. As a result charterers, buyers, terminal operators and sellers must be sure that the condition, operation and ownership of the vessels are of an acceptable standard, by applying ship inspection and vetting systems to LNG shipping. This publication draws on information learned from the oil industry and passes it on to all concerned parties involved in vetting LNG ships. It also contains information about the practices of some individual companies and these examples are purely for guidance only.

ISBN 10: 1856098818
ISBN 13: 9781856098816
Pages: 256
Published: 2020
Format: softcover
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