Signals Tutor (on CD-ROM)

by Seamanship International

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CAD $79.95

Useful program to test your knowledge of: International Code Flags Basic Morse Code Recognition Advanced Morse. This complies with the requirements of STCW’95 for transmission speed and block arrangement, in addition you can adjust the program to suit your learning style. The CD includes the ‘International Code Of Signals’ book in electronic version. The program can be used in a classroom environment, including the facility to prepare a morse (mock) exam for a group of computers. System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Published: 2008
Format: CD-ROM
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1 review for Signals Tutor (on CD-ROM)

  1. Rhys

    This program essentially behaves like a digital version of flip cards, so if you prefer to use a computer for your studying then it is a good choice. The real advantage is in the Advanced Morse Code study section; you can input your own messages, or it can spew random characters at you (which you can check later), both of which are great for studying. The interface is not fancy, and at times it is difficult to navigate. On the other hand it is cleanly designed and works consistently. I found it useful for studying for COM1 and COM2.

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