Recommendations on Safe Transport of Dangerous Cargoes in Port Areas IB290E

by IMO - International Maritime Organization

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The development of new techniques in shore and ship operations, as well as the desirability of having more comprehensive recommendations which included dangerous goods in packaged form, liquid and solid dangerous substances and liquefied gas carried in bulk, made it necessary to revise and update the Recommendation. The Recommendations are aligned with relevant IMO codes and the IMDG Code in particular. It is considered essential to harmonize the rules within the port area with the ship in order to ensure smooth operations and to avoid misunderstandings between ship and shore. The term "dangerous cargo" comprises oils, noxious liquid chemicals and gases carried in bulk, solid bulk materials possessing chemical hazards, solid bulk materials hazardous only in bulk, harmful substances in packaged form (covered by Annex III of MARPOL 73/78) as well as dangerous goods in packaged form (covered by the IMDG Code).

ISBN 10: 9280114727
ISBN 13: 9789280114720
Pages: 135
Published: 2007
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