The Admiral Benbow: The Life and Times of a Naval Legend

by Willis, Sam

CAD $25.99

Admiral John Benbow was an English naval hero. In 1702 when Benbow engaged a French squadron off the Spanish main, other ships in his squadron failed to support him. His leg shattered by a cannon-ball, Benbow fought on – but to no avail: the French escaped and Benbow succumbed to his wounds. When the story reached England, two of the captains who had abandoned him were court martialled and shot. Benbow became a national hero. This is his story. This is the third volume of the ‘Hearts of Oak’ Trilogy, now being released in paperback.

In addition to the ‘Hearts of Oak’ Trilogy, Sam Willis has published many other books on 18th and 19th century naval and maritime history. He has also presented several BBC History documentaries, including on Antigua, and the history of Shipwrecks.

ISBN 10: 1849160376
ISBN 13: 9781849160377
Pages: 320
Published: 2016
Format: softcover
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