Build the New Instant Boats

by Payson, Harold 'Dynamite'

CAD $21.95

Includes three stitch-and-glue designs and three conventional designs built without a jig. Boats include Gypsy, Nymph, Diablo, the Lug-rigged Windsprint, Tortoise–The Ugly Duckling, Skimmer–The Poor Man’s Whaler, The Dynamite Sailboard, A Workhorse Called June Bug, The Andy 10 1/2-Foot Pointy Skiff, The Pedal-Driven Sidewheeler, and the 23 1/2- Foot Light Schooner.

ISBN 10: 1934982040
ISBN 13: 9781934982044
Illustration: photos & illus.
Pages: 158
Published: 2010
Format: softcover
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