Solitaire Spirit: Three Times Around the World Single-Handed

by Powles, Les

CAD $18.00

Another game British amateur, Powles only had eight hours of sailing experience when he decided to sail solo around the world. In his 50s he built himself a yacht and made it across the Atlantic, though his navigation didn’t match his boatbuilding skills. He made landfall in Brazil though he was aiming for Barbados. Three complete solo circumnavigations followed, all of them full of incident. During the last he was given up for dead when he hadn’t been heard from for four months. So when he sailed up the Lymington River (aged 70) in a skeletal state his arrival caused a media frenzy.

ISBN 10: 1408154153
ISBN 13: 9781408154151
Illustration: photos & illus.
Pages: 304
Published: 2012
Format: softcover
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