The Quest for the America’s Cup: Sailing to Victory

by Simpson, Richard V.

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For over 150 years, the Americaís Cup has been the premier prize as yachtsmen have been pitted against sailors from around the world in an effort to win this prestigious race. The race takes its name from the champion schooner "America", which was created due in large part to the efforts of New York Yacht Club founder John Cox Stevens. Author Richard V. Simpson sheds new light on long-forgotten stories of the early quests for the coveted Cup. Among the notable yachtsmen profiled are Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton, who earned a special award for being the raceís best loser, and Ted Hood, who owned a sail-making company that developed the Dacron cloth from which the twelve-meter sails were cut.

ISBN 10: 1609496345
ISBN 13: 9781609496340
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Pages: 128
Published: 2012
Format: softcover
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