German Capital Ships of the Second World War

by Breyer, Siegfried & Miroslaw Zbigniew Skwiot

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Few warship types have had as much written about them as the Kriegsmarineís capital ships ñ “Deutschland”, “Admiral Scheer”, “Graf Spee”, “Scharnhorst”, “Gneisenau”, “Bismarck” and “Tirpitz” continue to generate intense interest among warship enthusiasts, despite the fact that no new source of information has been unearthed in decades. What has come to light, however, is a growing number of photographs, many from private albums and some that lay forgotten in obscure archives. These include many close-ups and onboard shots, of great value to modelmakers, and rare action photos taken during wartime operations.

ISBN 10: 1848321430
ISBN 13: 9781848321434
Illustration: photos
Pages: 432
Published: 2012
Format: hardcover
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