Henry Hudson: Doomed Navigator & Explorer

by Dalton, Anthony

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As the leader of four Arctic voyages in the early 1600s, Hudson searched in vain for a navigable route through the polar ice. He made decisions that pushed his crew to the bring of disaster. This book tells a classic tale of courage, ambition, and treachery on the high seas.

ISBN 10: 1772030244
ISBN 13: 9781772030242
Pages: 139
Published: 2015
Format: softcover
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1 review for Henry Hudson: Doomed Navigator & Explorer

  1. Sam McLean

    From Ontario Sailor Magazine, March 2015

    British Columbia based author Anthony Dalton, who has written 13 non-fiction books mainly about the sea, ships and boats (The Graveyard of the Pacific, Sir John Franklin, Baychimo: Arctic Ghost Ship), has delved into the life of British explorer Henry Hudson and his four Arctic voyages in search of the elusive Northwest Passage and a trade route to the Orient. Hudson had followed other explorers like John Cabot (1496-98), his son Sebastian Cabot (1509), and Martin Frobisher (1576-78) to find a shorter route to China. The author says Hudson was determined and ambitious and his discoveries of Hudson Bay and many rivers helped to open up North America, but the explorer was also reckless and obsessive, which led to “clouded judgment” and “disastrous choices” that ended in mutiny after his ship became iced in for a winter in the Canadian Arctic in 1610-11. This is the story of the other Henry Hudson that you won’t find in most history books.

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