Maritime Casualties: Causes and Consequences

by Messer-Bookman, Capt. Tuuli

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Sets forth the major casualties of the last hundred years and explains resulting regulatory changes. Also explores the alarming increase in the criminalization of maritime accidents, especially the relatively recent reclassification of pollution incidents as "environmental crimes." This book offers broad insight to the history, laws, and conventions that regulate worldwide commercial maritime activity.

ISBN 10: 087033641X
ISBN 13: 9780870336416
Pages: 192
Published: 2015
Format: hardcover
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1 review for Maritime Casualties: Causes and Consequences

  1. Ontario Sailor

    Author Tuuli Messer-Bookman is a lawyer and captain and has sailed more than 300,000 sea miles as a merchant marine officer. She has combined her interests in law and the sea and put together a book about the sinking of commercial – cargo and passenger — ships and the aftermath of such disasters, from criminal charges for officer and environmental fines for companies, to changes in laws governing mariners. Beginning with the Titanic disaster in the 1912 and ending with the capsizing of the MV Costa Concordia in Italy in 2013, the author delves into the issues surrounding the sinking and the aftermath, such as the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention after a conference of 13 nations in 1914. In most incidents, it’s human error that gets the blame, rather than equipment, weather or other factors. And things are improving since the days when seafaring was considered a very dangerous profession, when a staggering one in five perished at sea.

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