The Box Wine Sailors

by McCullough, Amy

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This is the true story of two part-time sailors who decided to do something big–sail around the world in a small boat. An alternative journalist from Oregon, McCullough shares stories of sailing the California Coast at Thanksgiving, of rounding Punta Gorda in a storm, and of being escorted by dolphins in the Channel Islands. This is an engaging tale of two "normal people" tackling the dream.

ISBN 10: 1613733488
ISBN 13: 9781613733486
Illustration: illus.
Pages: 304
Published: 2015
Format: softcover
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2 reviews for Box Wine Sailors

  1. Ontario Sailor

    They were young, brash and looking for adventure, so Amy McCullough and her partner, Jimmie, both in their 20s, quit their jobs (she was a music critic for an urban alternative weekly in Portland, Oregon), bought a 27 ft. sailboat and headed south on the Pacific Ocean to Baja California in Mexico. Neither of them had much sailing experience or money, and this book details their exploits along the way. Subtitled the “Misadventures of a broke young couple at sea,” the book by McCullough details life onboard without any heat, refrigeration, or some sailing gear. They walked 20 miles to do laundry, were boarded by the U.S. Coast Guard and went without showers for weeks on end. There were highs and lows, but the couple was in love and found joy on their travels, including the scenery, sharing boxed wine, and getting help from other cruisers along the way. Curiously, there are no pictures of their trip. The couple sold their yacht after one year of cruising, and bought a motor home, and are now doing some land cruising.

  2. Coffeeman

    Great book. Great description of the ports on the pacific west coast. Thanks for sharing.

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