The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs

by Gooley, Tristan

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When Tristan Gooley steps outside, the terrain provides him with an immense number of clues about his environment, and where he is. In this book, which is the succesor to his immensely popular "The Natural Navigator", Tristan talks in detail about the types of clues that can be observed in a number of different environments. Gooley describes clues for when deep in nature, in cities or urban areas, walking at night, walking in sand or snow, and along the coast. Each of his chapters includes descriptives stories of his own experiences, and how he used those clues. A great book for those who like to adventure ashore as well as on the water.

ISBN 10: 1615192417
ISBN 13: 9781615192410
Pages: 416
Published: 2015
Format: softcover
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1 review for Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs

  1. Ontario Sailor

    Sailors know to keep an eye out for bad weather but sometimes we miss some of the clues that are offered by nature, like cloud formations, changes in the direction of the both local and high-level winds, or even the smell of smoke or loud highway noises in the air, a sign of a temperature inversion that can lead to heavy fog and smog. These natural clues and many more are part of the book by Tristan Gooley, the author of The Natural Navigator and who has flown an airplane and sailed solo across the Atlantic. He says clues are everywhere: A budding flower points south; And the roots of a tree indicate the sun’s direction. He offers some catchy weather sayings, as well, like “When the dew is on the grass, rain will never come to pass” and “A rainbow at night, fair weather in sight. A rainbow at morn, fair weather all gorn.” This book is not just for weather buffs, but anyone who wants to be safe and use nature for some amateur forecasting.

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