ECDIS Procedures Guide (ebook) IT104693

by Witherby's

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* .ebk ebooks require a computer with Microsoft Windows, are licensed and locked to single devices, and cannot be returned.
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* .ebk ebooks require a computer with Microsoft Windows and cannot be returned.
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2021 edition incorporates two separate publications presented in a slipcase.

Vol.1 has been updated to include the 2021 ISM ECDIS Audit template, known ECDIS/ENC issues and chart issues such as vertical and horizontal safety concerns. Includes an introduction to bridge alert management (BAM), which is in effect from 1st September 2021.

Volume 2 Introduces Type Specific ECDIS Quick Reference Guides to help the navigator ?identify the functional differences between systems and increase the speed of familiarisation. These Guides are provided for all of the leading manufacturers and include familiarisation, setting up and calibrating the system, route planning, monitoring, verifying, fixing, chart updating and VDR playback.


Published: 2021
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