HERMIONE Frigate 1779-1793

by Lemineur, J.C.

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Frigate of the American War of Independence 1779 – 1793. The book includes all the plans of the framework in 1/48. booklet 144 pages and 34 boards. An initial chapter is concerned with the nautical qualities that warships must have possessed. They were especially mediocre for vessels built during the 17th century and the first half of the 18th because of the use of obsolete concepts. The new design concepts that were adopted toward the end of that period are described next, as well as the improvements in performance and sea-going capabilities that resulted. A second chapter is the object of a detailed study of documents concerned with the architecture and characteristics of sister-frigates, a study that allows the identifi cation in a plausible manner, of the various poorly known aspects of Hermione. Thirty-four plates, most of them with comments, provide a detailed picture of the ship.

ISBN 10: 2903179905
ISBN 13: 9782903179908
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Pages: 144
Published: 2016
Format: hardcover
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