The Ship’s Longboat, 1680-1780

by Lemineur, J.C. & Fran?ois Fougerat, Trans.

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Ship’s boats are generally considered as simple elements of a ship’s furniture and are not the object of any special attention. This study is centered on a 36-foot longboat. This length is that of a master longboat arming first-rate vessels in the 17th century, such as “L’Ambiteux” of 1680, but also 18th century 74-gun ships whose dimensions had increased over the years. The model is presented in three different scales : 1/24, 1/36 (plates in the pamphlet and one 23×92 cm plate) and 1/48 5 plates in the pamphlet).

ISBN 10: 1096873001
ISBN 13: 9781096873006
Illustration: photos & illus.
Published: 2016
Format: hardcover
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