Sir John Franklin’s Erebus and Terror Expedition: Lost and Found

by Hutchinson, Gillian

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British explorer Sir John Franklin set sail in 1845 to search for the Northwest Passage, an Arctic sea route linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. His expedition was expected to bring the voyagers home in three years but his two ships–HMS "Erebus" and HMS "Terror"–never returned. More than a century and a half passed before the vessels were seen again: the "Erebus" was found beneath Arctic waters in 2014 and "Terror" in 2016. This richly illustrated book is an essential guide to emerging details about the crews’ acts of heroism, endurance, and dark desperation.

ISBN 10: 1472948696
ISBN 13: 9781472948694
Illustration: photos & illus.
Pages: 176
Published: 2017
Format: softcover
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