Torn in Two: The Sinking of the Daniel J. Morrell

by Schumacher, Daniel

CAD $38.95

Schumacher tells the gripping tale of Dennis Hale, a 26-year-old watchman on the "Daniel J. Morrell", a 600-foot iron ore freighter that had plied the Great Lakes for six decades. In November 1966, Hale reported for duty only to see the "Morrell" heading out to open waters. He scrambled and successfully rejoined the ship at its next stop–but his haste was rewarded by disaster: 72 hours later, Hale was being tossed about by a violent Lake Huron, clinging to a liferaft next to his crewmates’ frozen bodies. It would be another 27 hours before the "Morrell" was even reported missing. When the raft was finally found, Dennis Hale was the only man still alive.

ISBN 10: 151790448X
ISBN 13: 9781517904487
Pages: 200
Published: 2018
Format: softcover
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