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More Favourite Nautical Books

We asked some of our favourite authors (many of whom have been part of the speaker’s series we used to run with Harbourfront), to tell us about their favourite nautical book. Here’s what some of them said:

Ann Vanderhoof is the author of  An Embarassment of Mangoes
and The Spice Necklace

Windward Islands
Leeward Islands
Virgin Islands
My favourite nautical book is whatever cruising guide I happen to be reading at the moment—  because if I’m reading a cruising guide, it means I’m exploring (or dreaming about) a new destination, which is one of my favourite things to do.  I love that two different guidebooks can have such very different takes on the same place, depending on the mindset of the author. (I’ve learned the hard way that just because a guidebook provides excellent advice on getting into an anchorage safely doesn’t mean its restaurant recommendations are also to be trusted!)

I particularly love guides where the writer’s personality comes through, and he (or she) lays his biases on the table. For the Caribbean, where we’re cruising these days, my favourites are the ones written by Chris Doyle. He makes it perfectly clear that he loves to explore on foot —  and when he tells me to take a hike, I know it’s well worth following orders.

Don Casey’s many books include This Old Boat, Sailboat Electrics Simplified, and Don Casey’s Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual

Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere
Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere

Want to sail away? Then go. For most North Americans, the value of just the car in your driveway can fund a year-long cruise—not aboard this year’s “Best Full-size Cruiser” as decreed by your favorite sailing magazine, but aboard a seaworthy and comfortable sailboat of modest size and mature age. Reading John Vigor’s enlightening little book Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere can be a life-changing experience. The featured boats are not only affordable, but they insulate you less from the cruising experience. A good thing. And a good book.

Anne Brevig is the author of 9 Years on the 7 Seas

World Cruising Routes
World Cruising Routes

I would like to recommend Jimmy Cornell’s World Cruising Routes. This book is an absolute must for offshore sailors and circumnavigators. We used it as our bible onboard!

More author recommendations on the way!

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