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Knot Books and Des Pawson

Knot and ropework master Des Pawson writes:

When I was 7 years old, an Uncle gave me two old 1930s Boy Scout Booklets. Amongst all the ideas for better camping and gadget making were some knots, not many, but somehow these illustrations talked to me, they got me interested in knots and I have been a knot person ever since. These books were my teacher and, even today, I find it hard to learn knots from fellow knot tyers showing me how to tie a knot, but give me a series drawing or photographs and I can manage most knots. I have a huge library of knot books from around the world in many languages for, as my friend Pille Repmakar’n in Stockholm said on one occasion when sending me a Swedish knot book, the pictures are in English! These books are there whenever I forget a knot I have not used for years, or have need of some complex set of interweaves or special variation for a particular task.

I recommend any reader of a knot book to look at how the book shows a knot they already know and then they can understand the way in which the instructions in that particular book talk about tying a knot; how it shows the twists, turns and tucks; what logic is used to work out the “overs” and “unders” that go into making those wonderful things we call knots .


For more knot knowledge from Des, check these excellent books and his  website.

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