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Some Great New Bargains

Whenever people visit the store, one of the first things they do is peruse the table at the front, where we keep the books that are on sale. There is always a great selection of books there, and recently we’ve received some new additions for the table.

Clipper Ships and the Golden Age of Sail

Clipper Ships and the Golden Age of Sail
Sam Jefferson

This is a classic; it has 8 chapters, beginning with the origins of then looks at specific clipper ships and their voyages, from Tea Races to China, mutinies in the Atlantic, and the last voyage of the Cutty Sark. A must for any lover of the final glorious days of the age of commercial sail.

Be Your Own Boat Surveyor: A Hands-On Guide for All Owners and BuyersBe Your Own Boat Surveyor
Dag Pike

When you’re purchasing a boat, it’s imperative that you know the material condition of the vessel. A survey is absolutely necessary- and this volume from experienced sailor, cruiser and powerboater Dag Pike teaches you all the places that you need to look, and the problems and conditions that you’ll be looking for. This book is especially recommended for anybody who is purchasing a used boat. This is not a replacement for hiring a professional surveyor, but will teach you the basics.
Rescue of the BountyRescue of the Bounty
Michael Tougias & Douglas Campbell

The Bounty was a tall ship, a replica of a small British warship built for the 1962 movie about the mutiny. In October 2012, the Bounty was caught in Hurricane Sandy. Two of sixteen crew aboard died, including the Captain. This book is an investigation of what happened in that disaster, and the efforts that were launched by the US Coast Guard to rescue the crew of the Bounty in such dangerous conditions. This is highly recommended for anybody who is a fan of disaster stories and is a gripping story of incredible circumstances.


Sailing Alone Around the World

Sailing Alone Around the World
Joshua Slocum

Another classic, this is Joshua Slocum’s tale of his three year solo circumnavigation, which he began in 1895. Slocum was the first person to sail around the world alone. A thoroughly entertaining read, Sailed to South Africa, Australia and South America before returning home. This is highly recommended.

Safe-SkipperSafe Skipper
Simon Jollands & Rupert Holmes

Being out on the water, even on the calmest day, always has some element of risk. For skippers, it is especially important to minimize the risks and make the experience as safe as possible. This book breaks down this process into five areas: 1) Preparation 2) Boathandling 3) Communication 4) Equipment and Maintenance 5) Emergencies. This is not not an on-board reference book, and it is highly recommended for anybody who would like to or is beginning to skipper.
The Boat DaBoat Data Book: The Owner’s and Professional’s Bibleta Book
Ian & Richard Nicolson

This is an indispensable book for boat owners, charters, chandlers, maintainers and sailors. This book contains charts, figures, facts, ratios and formulas for anything that has to do with boats, and particularly with the materials and fabrics that are used aboard boats. This book is especially important for anybody who is planning to build or refurbish a boat themselves, as it will allow them to do much of the planning, sourcing and designing before they actually purchase materials and begin the work.


Yacht Owner’s Manual: Everything You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Your YaThe Yacht Owner’s Manual
Andy du Port

This is another book that will be indispensable for a yacht owner or skipper. It provides a how-to deal with a broad range of topics that cover every aspect of owning a yacht. Again, this isn’t an on-board reference book, but a book that anybody who is considering buying a boat (especially when they’ll have a crew) should read ahead of time. Author Andy du Port is formerly editor of Reeds Nautical Almanac, and has been sailing around the English Channel and Europe for decades.


Wreck of the Whaleship EssexWreck-Whaleship-Essex-Illustrated-9780760348123
Owen Chase

This is the annotated and illustrated edition of Owen Chase’s epic story of the Essex, the ship whose story provided Herman Melville the inspiration for Moby Dick. After the wreck of their ship, thirty sailors survived for more than 90 days. This edition is chock full of images, photos and illustrations to provide context for their story, their survival and the conditions.

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