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Books for Tall Ship Sailors

Tall Ships are coming to Toronto this July! Here at the Nautical Mind, we’ve consistently had Toronto Brigantine alumni among our crew- and old and new friends are always dropping by. This year, we have some great books for the Tall Ship sailors and fanatics out there.

Kedge-AnchorThe Kedge-Anchor or Young Sailor’s Assistant
William Brady

From its publication in 1847, this was an immediate success among American sailors. This Dover edition, published in 2002 is a complete reproduction of the enlarged 4th edition originally published in 1849.

Created originally for the US Navy and Merchant Marine, it is an absolutely fantastic reference book for modern Tall Ship sailors and enthusiasts.


YoungSeaOfficersThe Young Sea Officer’s Sheet Anchor
Darcy Lever

First published in 1808, this was a popular sea grammar in both England and the United States. Another beautiful Dover publication, it is edited and a foreword provided by John Harland. This book particularly focuses on a ship’s rig. How it is created, how they are designed, and the effect of the weather upon them. It is beautifully type-set to reproduce the look of the original.



The Seaman’s Friend: A Treatise on Practical Seamanship
Richard Henry Dana Jr.

Dana Jr. Is best known for the classic Two Years Before the Mast. This particular volume (also lovingly published by Dover) is reproduced from the 1879 edition. This book is divided into three sections. The first deals with practical seamanship such as rigging and ship handling. The second discusses the customs of the merchant service. The third examines the duty of a master aboard a cargo ship. Based on the author’s experience, it’s another fascinating insight into 18th century maritime commerce and seamanship.


Seamanship-Age-of-SailSeamanship in the Age of Sail
John Harland

This book is one of the best in terms of discussing shiphandling specifically. It has been particularly popular with many crewmembers from the sail training brigantines STV Pathfinder and TS Playfair. Originally published in 1988, this is the 2nd edition, released 2015. It is absolutely stunning and should have a place on your shelf.



Rogers-collection-shipyard-models-CoverRogers Collection of Dockyard Models, Vol I.
Grant H. Walker

The US Naval Academy Museum has an amazing collection of Dockyard models. Prior to widespread literacy and the development of blueprints, ship designers used models to provide shipwrights with their instructions. This is an absolutely gorgeous book about a fantastic collection.


Clipper Ships and the Golden Age of Sail
Clipper Ships and the Golden Age of Sail

Sam Jefferson

Where Victory and its like where the pinnacle of age-of-sail warships, clippers where the peak form of the age-of- sail merchantmen. These ships have given us some of the most iconic sailing narratives of the 19th century. Clippers raced to get Tea from China, Wheat from Australia and around Cape Horn to get Nitrates from Chili. This book is filled with over 200 paintings, illustrations and photos of clipper ships and their exploits.
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