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Some New Books For Motorboaters

It would be fair to say that Sailing dominates the shelves here at the Nautical Mind. This fall however, we have two fantastic new books coming out specifically for motorboaters and motor cruising.

Stress-Free Motorboating
Duncan Wells

This is the companion book to the fantastic and very popular Stress-Free Sailing. There are many actions and evolutions aboard a motorboat that require two or more pairs of hands, and are complex. When boats are crewed by a single person, or there are inexperienced people or children aboard, events such as leaving or returning to the dock, using canals, navigating, or dealing with emergencies can be particularly stressful. In this book, Duncan Wells discusses these kinds of scenarios. Text is accompanied by step-by-step photos and illustrations that show ways in which these operations can be done single-handed or shorthanded. Further, he addresses things like the difference between controlling boats powered by different types and numbers of engines, and managing man-overboard situations. This is a book that everybody who owns a powerboat should have in their library. Whether it’s your first time, your first powerboat, or you’re experienced this is a great book to help substantially reduce your stress when aboard.

The Inland Voyager’s Handbook
Danny L Davis

This book is perfect for both those who cruiser the Great Lakes and the Circle Route here in North America, as well as those who venture further abroad to the inland waters of Europe. Here’s a guidebook to travelling inland waterways safely and smoothly on any budget. Davis discusses what the lifestyle offers, suggests routes, provides guidance for choosing and preparing a boat for voyaging and for transiting locks, advises on where and how to anchor, and much more


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