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Canadian Youth Take Charge Ashore and Afloat to discover our waters and the ships that sail them!

Marguerite Pyron, CEO of the Broad Reach Foundation writes:


Ships2Shores-LogoCanadian Youth Take Charge Ashore and Afloat to discover our Canadian waters and the ships that sail them!

Supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage, Ships2Shores | Des navires aux rivages is a youth-led ambitious and innovative venture that will engage up to10,000 Canadian youth on the Atlantic, the St. Lawrence, the Great Lakes, the Pacific, and the Arctic.

Coming from 9 provinces and territories, the participating youth (12- 29 of age) with diverse backgrounds and heritages, will engage in online and aboard activities and adventures designed, developed and implemented by the youth themselves. The goal is to drive awareness and action in environmental protection, making new connections between communities, in the career opportunities that Canada’s marine industries offer and to increase youth attachment to Canada.

Ships2Shores | Des navires aux rivages provides opportunities for the youth to gain a broad range of knowledge and experiences: the importance of our water resources, maritime arts and heritage, civic engagement and community building, and the economic significance of our ships and shores, through the past, the present and into the future.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions, Ships2Shores will launch with a wide range of on-line engagements in the fall of 2020, followed by a full offering of tall ship and sailboat experiences in 2021.

The on-line crew will include tall ship sailors of all ages, professionals from maritime industries, artists, scientists, students and teachers, almost everyone and anyone who can contribute. Our Virtual Sailors will be voyaging through Virtual Seas that will provide new knowledge, new challenges, new skills, and all the values, fun and excitement that come from new discoveries.

But there is more …

Deserving youth, who have qualified through their engagement with the on-line activities, a variety of sail-training bursaries will be available, turning the Virtual into the Totally Real! The bursaries will provide youth with all the benefits which sail training offers, aboard Canadian Tall Ships – and short ships, too – regardless of their socio-economic background. If desired, youth can also gain volunteer hours required by their schools.

For more information, visit and refer, invite and encourage youth to share in this exciting opportunity that is Ships2Shores | Des navires aux rivages!

The Ships2Shores Project will be executed by the Broad Reach Foundation for Youth Leaders (BRF) in partnership with Tall Ships Canada Association (TSCAN) / Association des Grands Voileurs du Canada, supported by Master Mariners Canada, Together We Stand Foundation and more to come.

Let’s sail it forward together and nation-wide!







One thought on “Canadian Youth Take Charge Ashore and Afloat to discover our waters and the ships that sail them!

  1. What a great project! The Ships2Shores project seems to be organized very professionally. I can see that this project will help young people to be aware of the importance of the environment and will bring them many valuable experiences. I will encourage my brother to participate in this meaningful project. Hopefully, the Ships2Shores project will be known to many young people.

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