Great Lakes Charts

Great Lakes Chart Catalogue
Great Lakes Chart Catalogue – Click to view giant image

Paper charts are essential for safe navigation and are required on board by law (see this post from last summer).  The Nautical Mind is a licensed chart agent for the Canadian Hydrographic Service and for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and carry charts for around the world.

A PDF Great Lakes chart catalogue is available for download here [12MB].

You can order charts from our website or call us at +1-416-203-1163 / +1-800-463-9951

A few popular or important sets of charts include:

Toronto & Environs


Quinte: Brighton to Picton


The Trent-Severn Waterway

  • Listed all together here


All Great Lakes Charts and adjacent waters including: Lake Huron, The North Channel, Georgian Bay, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior.



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  1. Please provide price for instructional chart IC 9997.

    Also price for règle de cras ?

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