IMO Carriage Requirements and Recommendations

Publication LinkAcronym MeaningMost Recent EditionRequirement or RecommendationApplicable Vessels
IBC CodeInternational Bulk Chemical2016
IBC, paragraph 16.2.1Chemical Tankers
BCH CodeBulk CHemicals2008 EditionBCH, paragraph 5.2.1Chemical Tankers
IGC CodeInternational Gas Carrier2016 EditionIGC, paragraph 18.1.3Gas Carrier
International Code of Signals2005 EditionSOLAS V/21.1All
IAMSAR Manual Volume IIIInternational Aeronautical and Maritime Search And Rescue2019 EditionSOLAS V/21.2All
Nautical Charts & PublicationsSOLAS V/19.2.1
& V/27
Publications Required by ISM CodeISM Code, paragraphs
1.2.3 and 11.3
ODS LogbookOzone Depleting SubstancesMARPOL
Annex VI Reg.12
SOLASSafety Of Life At Sea2014 Consolidated EditionRecommendedAll
MARPOLMARitime POLlution2017 ConsolidatedRecommendedAll
Load Lines2005 EditionRecommendedAll
STCWStandards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers2017 EditionRecommendedAll
COLREGSCOLision REGulations2003 EditionRecommendedAll
LSA CodeLife Saving Appliances2017 EditionRecommendedAll
FSS CodeFire Safety Systems2015 EditionRecommendedAll
ISPS CodeInternational Ship and Port facility Security2012 EditionRecommendedAll
Bridge Procedures Guide2016 EditionRecommendedAll
IMO SMCPStandard Marine Communication Phrases2005 EditionRecommendedAll
2000 HSC CodeHigh Speed Craft2000 EditionRecommendedHigh Speed Craft
MODU CodeMobile Offshore Drilling Units2010 EditionRecommendedMobile offshore drilling unit
Tanker Safety Guide (Liquified Gas)2018 editionRecommendedLNG Tankers
ICS Tanker Safety Guide (Chemicals)International Chamber of Shipping2014 EditionRecommendedChemical Tankers
ISGOTTInternational Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals2006 EditionRecommendedOil Tankers
International Grain Code1991 EditionRecommendedVessels transporting grain cargo
IMDG CodeInternational Maritime Dangerous Goods2018 EditionRecommendedVessels transporting dangerous goods.
IMSBC CodeInternational Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes2018 EditionRecommendedAll
BLU CodeBulk carrier Loading and Unloading2011 EditionRecommendedBulk Carriers
CSS CodeCargo Stowage & Securing2011 EditionRecommendedSecuring Cargo
Timber Code2012 EditionRecommendedVessels transporting timber on deck
CSCConvention for Safe Containers2014 EditionRecommendedVessels transporting containers
Guidelines for Ships Operating in Polar Waters2010 EditionRecommendedVessels sailing in Polar areas
ICS Guide to Helicopter/Ship OperationsInternational Chamber of Shipping2009 EditionRecommendedVessels involved in helicopter operations